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Review Monkey is a browser based app that helps businesses and professionals increase their REAL positive online reviews by automating and streamlining the customer feedback process.

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Online Review Management with Review Monkey

Increase your Positive Online Reviews by managing the Customer Feedback Experience

Simple and effective, Review Monkey closes the customer buying experience with a customer service touch. This in turn results in positive reviews and real-time feedback, ramping your online reputation.

Are you doing all you can make your customers or clients happy? Do you actively encourage customers to leave a review? Do you know what your customers really think of you?

There’s more to doing business than just selling a product or service. These days, customer experience and online reputation matter. And it all hinges on how you “close the loop” after you close the sale.

  • If the customer liked your product or service, do you ask for a review?
  • Do you get one? Is it positive?
  • If the client didn’t like the product or service, how do you even know?
  • Do you worry about negative reviews? If you get a poor review, what do you do?

Show your customers you care how it went with Review Monkey. It goes a LONG way!

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How does Review Monkey work?

Review Monkey sends a text or an email to a customer at the close of the customer buying experience, evaluating the customer’s experience. Customers who had a positive experience are encouraged to leave a review and are provided a simple path to do so. Customers who reported a negative experience are directed to leave real-time feedback, giving you the opportunity to turn that customer’s negative experience into a positive experience.

Who this software works for:

Businesses, organizations, and professionals who have a regular intake of new customers and whose phone numbers / email addresses are collected.

Who this software does not work for:

Businesses who service the same clients repeatedly or have a slow intake of new clients.

Review Monkey Pricing

Review Monkey Features:

  • Increase Positive Reviews

  • Browser Based - Use on any computer or mobile device

  • Engage Customers by Text, Email, or Static Link

  • Initiate Reviews Real Time or by Bulk Input

  • Customizable Customer Review Funnel

  • Engage in Real-Time Customer Feedback

  • Embed Your Reviews on Your Website
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